Frontline plus-can a allergic reation occur?

debbiep_gwSeptember 5, 2009

Hi,for the last two doses that I have put on Lucy(basset)she has gotten sick.I put it on at night when we are going to bed and by daylight the next morning she is vomitting.I place it between the shoulder blades and today the fur there is red like blood as if shes bleeding under the skin.The fur there is white so theres no mistaking the red color.Shes not broke out or anything,I just keep washing the area and its turned back red twice.I put the FP on at night when they are ready to sleep to keep them from rolling it off or trying to.I don't use it monthly either.I can go months sometime between doses.Shes over the vomitting but wondering if this could be a bad reaction and maybe I should not keep using it,maybe switch to another kind of flea drops.By the way I've used it on her 5 1/2 years.Any ideas?TIA.Debbie

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She could be allergic. Or maybe you applied a dose meant for a larger dog?

Talk to your vet. You should have done that when she got sick from the first dose, and not have given her another dose without taking to her vet.

If you do this again and she gets sick again. Give her a bath with the plain cheap, non scented Dawn dish washing liquid.

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That reminds me..Tomorrow is Frontline time again. Time to get my armor on.

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I'd report the reaction to the vet where you got it and see if other patients are having the same problem. I've not seen any reactions with Frontline Plus as far as vomiting at all. I have seen some animals get a greasy-looking streak for a day or 2 following Frontline Plus application- my own short-haired dogs get that, not the Huskies though. I've seen some cats get red skin with several different products including Frontline +. Are you really scrubbing the skin to get the Frontline off and could the red be irritation from that?

I always divided the dose among several spots rather than try to put the entire dose in one spot. I get much less run-off that way.

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Good idea about dividing it into several spots, Meghane.

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Thanks Meghane,there is no irritation where I put it,just the white fur has turned red almost like dyed.Both hounds have the red streak there.I plan to half the dose between the two next time and put it on them in the morning.They both get the greasy area for a couple of days to.It was the right dosage for them also.I didn't mention it but it was ordered online not purchased at the vets office but its from where I have ordered from for many years with no problems..Debbie

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Do they lick each other a lot where the fur is red? I see that sometimes in multi-dog households.

Times are tough even for internet pharmacies. They may have changed suppliers or something. I'd still report it to the company from which you purchased, if possible. If they are reputable, they will want to know about possible reactions.

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