Something inside sillcock

jennyzone5May 21, 2013

I hope this is the correct forum for this post. I have something inside my sillcock that is blocking the water flow. Water flows out around it but at such a reduced rate that I don't get enough water pressure to use a garden hose.

When I bought the house it had an attachment that allowed it to split off into 2 different hoses. I am wondering if this could possibly be a part of it that broke off but if so, how can I get it out without removing the faucet? The faucet is a frost-free with no water shutoff valve and looks to be welded to the pipe and not screwed so I really don't want to have to get someone to remove it for me.

The long thing in the middle is damaged at the end from my attempts to take pliers to it. That stick seems to be on a rollerball, it moves in any direction. I can't unscrew whatever it is.

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I'd suspect it's part of the anti-siphon. Does you silcock have a little cap on the top of it?

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The Vaccum Breaker? Yep it has one. Mine has the little drain at the bottom and it looks to be welded to the pipe not screwed, but otherwise looks like your picture.

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