Ham Shank Again

olga_6bDecember 22, 2012

First I have to appologize. I know I asked this question last year before Christmas and got wonderful responses, but I can't find this post. I tried to search for ham and pork and using my name, I can't find it:(
I wanted to do this last year, but didn't get a right ham. So this year I bought Ham Shank and want to roast it.
I don't like sweet meat and I like to have meat flavor to dominate. So I am looking for simple way to roast Ham shank w/o glase, etc. I want it juicy, not dry, this is the main thing. So what would be the best oven temperature to roast it, any other recommedations? I saw post on the current page for fresh ham. I can use this recipe probably, but my ham shank unfortunately has no skin.
So would you do to get a simple juicy pork from skinless ham shank?
Thank you very much.

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Is it pre-cooked? If so, you basically want to warm it. I'm still a fan of the electric roaster. Don't recall a time when I really had anything dried out in there. Otherwise a baking bag or wrap it in foil. It can also make a difference on how much water has been injected.

Is this the thread you were looking for?

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Olga, here is your thread from last year. Try searching google under your name. It works much better then Gardenweb's search feature.


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D it on low for around 4 hours in the crockpot. It comes out very moist and delicious.

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Thank you very much. Great advice to search using google instead of Gardenweb and big thanks for finding my last year post. I tried Gardenweb :(
It is not pre-cooked and it will not fit into even biggest crock pot. I need to roast it in the oven.

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