Copper to PVC

mike_kaiser_gwMay 12, 2013

I'm in the middle of re-tiling a bathroom floor that will necessitate a change in the height of the closet flange. What's there now is a 3" copper and there's absolutely no play in the pipe, nor practical (easy) way to change it.

I've played with a couple of plastic fittings and I can get the required height but I need a way to transition to copper. I looked at a couple of rubber couplings but didn't see anything likely to work.

Are there specific PVC to copper couplings?

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I looked at Fernoc but couldn't find the the right fitting. Looked again and found it under their "Proflex" series. If I'm reading it right, it's 3007-33 for "plastic, steel, or heavy wall cast iron to copper.

Now to find one. They don't seem very common!

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3" copper? Are you positive it's copper? Regardless you will need to find the Fernco perhaps at a professional supply store.

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Absolutely positive it's copper.

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