Kevin - 'remember the 6 & 10 rule'

phyl345March 18, 2010

Kevin, I'm embarrassed to admit I don't know what the 6 & 10 rule is -- & something tells me I SHOULD! We are planning an 8 1/2 ft. x 3ft. island with 15" overhang on the two short ends, - and a 12" overhang on the long side.

Our fabricator has been evasive in giving us a straight answer re: needed support. He says we'll discuss that when they come to template, which is somewhat understandable, but we really would like to know now in case we should consider making changes.

One fabricator said steel supports, which I would prefer, would cost $600.

One more thing, are the rules for granite basically the same for corian?

thank you so much for whatever help you can give us.

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I think the 6 & 10 rule says that if your slab is 2 cm you can have 6" overhang without support, and if its 3 cm you can have 10" without support.

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I don't think $600. is right, but my experience is just from the two fabricators we got estimates from. I can't find the "breakdown" sheet from our first estimate, but I remember that they were going to charge us a minimal charge for the metal supports. The guy we went with, faxed us his estimate based on our plans before he came out....our plan showed corbels. When he came out, we told him we wanted the metal support rods. He agreed, but the estimate didn't change. Our Island is 5'x5' which includes a 12" overhang on two ajoining sides. We live in No. California, if that makes a difference?!

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OK - There WON'T be a WRITING ASSIGNMENT because you may have forgot!!! HA!!!

Numbersjunkie got it right - and $600 is pretty high - unless he's using
a lot of supports - Phyl345 - I'd start looking for another Fabricator NOW...

Guys should be up front with you on pricing - once he's got your money - it's
harder to negotiate..... End your negotiations with that guy and hire someone who is NOT evasive
and will give you pricing options BEFORE you sign his contract - NOT AFTER....

Chemical Concepts has really GREAT products - their CounterBalance plates are not
cheap, but they WORK!!! Maybe the guy had like..... a dozen of them in his $600
up-charge to you...???

And as far as the guy who quoted you the $600 charge - I'd say in Monty Python-ese:




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