Sink Trap SLIPS - please help

Glanz4May 9, 2011

We have a garage sink and the washer dumps its water into that sink and i believe the pressure of the water being dumped into the sink and down the drain slowly makes the sink trap slip and floods the garage. This has been on-going for a couple of years. My husband couldn't figure it out so he wedged a board between the floor and the trap so the weight of the water could not make the trap slip. Then recently I decided to hire a plumber to permanently fix it, and he used all new metal pipes/trap and it still slips! The plumber came back and re-tightened everything and said it would 'not' happen again - and it has! What else can be done? Has anybody encountered this before? Please advise of a permanent solution, as I never want to flood my garage again. Thank you.

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Assuming it's the plastic slip-fit type, sometimes the nylon washer doesn't get snug enough when tightened. You could undo it, replace the washer, and reconnect it. Tighten it a good deal, then tug on it to confirm that it's snug. (Then, after all that, you might want to wedge a board between the floor and the trap.)

You could also add support to the trap arm if it's long. the trap arm is the horizontal pipe behind the trap.

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