What Garnishes Should be added to a Photo

blueheronDecember 27, 2013

My daughter will be making a chicken dish (Pretty Chicken Marinade) that will be featured in the local newspaper as part of a series on reporters' favorite dishes.

The dish will be photographed and she wondered what garnishes should be added to the plate with the cooked chicken to make an attractive picture. A salad? A cooked vegetable?

Thanks for your suggestions.

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Its often a good idea to include a hint to the initial ingredients. Whatever is in the sauce or marinade can make a nod to the flavors by using them as a garnish. A slice of lemon, a fresh herb, etc.
Chicken just does not photograph well usually, so it needs some help with a garnish or a brightly colored veg or fruit/citrus.
Is she taking the photos? Just plan to make a few different platings...3or4 and have fun...look at google image for ideas and take a ton of photos. Can always delete. You'll get a good one.

As an example, here is a chicken adobo recipe/photo. Not the one i use but with such a rich spicy sauced chicken, the garnish/sauce is cooling and has lots of color and flavor. I like a fresh cucumber pickle with slices of lime that would add to this already pretty photo. A red cabbage slaw?

So look at your recipe for color hints...

Here is a link that might be useful: chicken dish photo

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Two frequent posters here come to my mind when I think of beautiful food photos.
Dcarch has posted many, many beautifully plated meals.
Do a search for his name and open just about any thread he started for a visual treat.

And in her postings here and on her website Thibeault's Table, Ann_T also has gorgeous pictures of food.

You could not do better than to look at their posts. Ann also has an old series of threads on Gardenweb about how to take food photos, but I think the illustrative images she included are no longer viewable.

Here is the link to Ann's website:

Here is a link that might be useful: Ann_T's blog Thibeault's Table

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