What do I need to adapt a TapMaster for Israel?

gellchomMay 11, 2011

Hi --

I'm the one who introduced the TapMaster to these forums 10 years ago (no, I don't have any connection to the company, I'm just the first GW'er who discovered it). Now I want to buy one as a gift for our friends who are hosting our daughter for the summer.

But they live in Jerusalem. I am guessing that the plumbing is metric, whatever they use in Europe, probably.

So my first question is: does anyone know if that's true?

And my second question is: if so, is there some kind of adapter that would make it work perfectly? Where do I get one, and what do I ask for?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I'm sure there is a solution to this...but why not contact TapMaster customer service to get an authoritative answer?

Here is a link that might be useful: Tapmaster

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I already talked to them today. I was surprised, but they didn't know (at least not for Israel). He did tell me what size the thing is, so then all we need to find out is what is the standard in Israel. I'm assuming some sort of adapter is going to be necessary.

Where do I buy something like that?

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Well, so much for my first idea!

Looking online using Google, it appears that Israel, like most of the rest of the world, uses metric fittings. I presume you want to buy the TapMaster and then outfit it with the proper fittings before sending it? Depending on where you live, U.S. to metric fittings could be available locally from large plumbing suppliers, or maybe an auto parts store. If that is not an option, do a Google search using the terms:

"plumbing adapter" +metric

That should give you some folks you can talk with or buy from online. Good luck.

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adapting metric to US is a "standard" thing to do.
(yes that is a pun).

Many companies have these adaptors.
Many European faucet manufacturers sell these adaptors as spare parts.
Before you buy anything, know this: many European plumbing fixtures have US outlet connections (oh no!).

So, the question is the adaptor thingie to go from 1/2" or 3/8" to 10mm or 14mm or whatever.
This is totally unrelated to Tapmasters.
Before you or THEY buy anything, they need to know which faucet the Tapmaster will go with and look see what connections it has. A very common problem. Standard.

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davidro1, thank you!

My daughter will be house-sitting for them in a few weeks. I can ask her to look under the sink. But could you, or someone, please tell me very, very specifically what she should be looking for and measuring and how? We have no plumbing experience.


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She can read this thread. There is almost nothing to know. Take a couple pictures of the thingie, next to a measuring tape or ruler. Use that later to get the most probably right adaptor from a counterperson at an old established plumbing supply house. Also good is to take a picture of the faucet so that someone can ID it. i doubt any words written here and read by a neophyte will help much. I'm certain the right parts can be found in Israel; where they are they have to adapt things a lot.

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The main problem with looking under the sink to examine the connections is that someone not familiar with plumbing will not be make to make a reliable assessment of the diameter and thread pitch. What I recommend is that you buy the TapMaster and then:

  1. get an adapter for the inlet fittings to convert from U.S. to metric, keeping as close to the same diameter as possible. For example, if the inlet fittings are 1/2" male, then you want an adapter that converts that to a metric male of about the same size. This is all complicated by the fact that the nominal pipe size refers to the inner diameter of the pipe, so, for example, 1/2" pipe actually has an outside diameter of about 0.84". A further problem is that Israeli metric pipe threads may be different from Israeli machine threads of the same nominal sizes. If you find this confusing, then you may wish to take the next approach.

2) Leave the purchase of fittings to the folks in Israel, as davidro1 suggests.

Lastly, as thoughtful a gift as this is, consider whether the recipient may find it more trouble than it's worth to have your gift installed. It would not be good to give someone something like this and then have them spend the equivalent of a couple of hundred dollars to get it installed by a plumber.

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That's an excellent point! I think I will need to include the cost of a handyman to install it. As I recall from my own kitchen, a plumber isn't necessary, because essentially it's just drilling two holes and threading the thing through -- a fairly easy DIY project. I didn't do ours, though -- our builder did it when he was remodeling the kitchen anyway.

Do you think that the need for the adapter would make it a plumbers-only project?

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no, installing faucets (and getting adaptors) does not require a Master plumber (a degreed professional). A "repair" person can do it.

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While this would be a simple job to most of the folks on this forum, there are some people who are totally inept regarding plumbing and other handyman tasks (I have several friends who don't even own a Phillips screwdriver or a drill). If the recipient of the TapMaster is handy, it may be a do-it-yourself project. Otherwise, someone will have to get paid.

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