Nina - especially for you !!!!

kitasmommieSeptember 20, 2012

check out the Hero Pig. I immediately thought of you.

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Saw that on the news last night and was blown away. Do you really think the pig had rescue on its mind? I guess we don't give animals the credit they deserve! Heart warming.

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The piggy was smarter than the humans who just stood around yelling and taking pictures. I am not sure if that means pigs are smart or some humans are morons.

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thanks for posting this, i had not seen it! i would venture to guess that the pig obviously knew the sounds coming from the goat were distress and there's no doubt in my mind that the pig took action based on that.

i have found, over the last year with my pigs that they are exceptionally smart, learn things VERY quickly and never forget what they have been taught. i'm not sure i can say that about any other pet i have had maybe with the exception of my female corgi.

just for instance, arnold was very "grabby" with treats. i sit on the bench, the 3 pigs line up in front of me (always, without fail, in the same order lol) and i dole out cheerios, one at a time. arnold would snap for his and he came close to biting my finger several times. i started holding the treat in between 2 fingers while my hand was formed in a fist. i figured that was the easiest way not to get bit by an overly anxious, very food motivated piggy. as i held the treat out in my hand, i would say to him "gennnntle" over and over. the first time he took the treat gently from my hand, i praised him and scratched his ear. it only took one or two more times of telling him "gennnnnntle" and now he is very good about just taking treats from my hand with his lips rather than his whole mouth!

as for this so-called "petting zoo", i'd love to know where the workers were when this pig dove in to save the goat. also, that sure answers the question "can pigs swim?" :)

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