Weight of stone on septic?

nicky_2006May 12, 2010

Would love to use the grass area near the house and deck to install a stone patio, but the septic tank is in that area. Thought to do randomly placed field stone with ground cover; mosses, thymes, etc in between. So access to tank clean out would mean just lifting one stone. Tank is about 16 to 18 inches below ground level. If a pallet of stone weights about a ton, and covers a 10x10 foot area or 100 square feet, is that too much weight over a septic tank and lines to surrounding fields? Forgot what a basic septic tank measures, say 6 to 8 feet square...maybe bigger. That would be almost a ton of weight, is that ok? Or is that trouble down the line? Thanks for any ideas

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At about 20 lbs per square foot, I see no problem with the weight.

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Stone is not appreciably heavier than soil. Since the weight will be distributed, I see no problem. Tanks are often buried with 3 feet of covering soil.

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The actual weight of the rocks is not a problem but you could run into a local code restriction.

The vegetation over a leachfield is an integral part of the septic tank treatment process. In some jurisdiction they will not allow you to even place lawn furniture over the septic tank or leachfield area because it would tend to increase foot traffic, which is detrimental to the continuing growth of the grass.

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We can't put hardscape over a leach field, but we can over a septic tank.

I have a bluestone patio over most of my septic tank, it's dryset over compacted stone dust. I poured a concrete collar around the access holes to the tank.

Pull off a stone, dig out the stonedust packed within the collar, then pop off the cap to the septic tank to inspect or pump it out.

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