Help Choosing a Water Treatment System

eoutlawMay 5, 2012

I have done tons of research and I am still having trouble sizing and choosing water treatment equipment for my well water. My home has 2 occupants, 2 bathrooms and a jacuzzi tub that is almost never used. My test results are

Hardness 8 gpg

Iron 0.28 mg/L

TDS 130 mg/L

PH 8.3 mg/L

Tannins 0.5 mg/L

H2S 0.3 ppm

I am having the most trouble deciding how to treat the H2S which does sometimes cause a pretty strong odor. I am leaning towards a Pyrolox, Filox, Catalox, MangOx or similar filter for the H2S but none of the water treatment providers in my area offer these. One local company suggested a KDF filter for the H2S. I am also still looking at an Odor Oxidizer to treat the H2S but I am scared of this option because it seems like most of the companies recommending this several years ago have stopped using this because of problems with the tank. I am told by the manufacturer and a couple of companies still offering the Odor Oxidizer that the problems have been corrected. I also don't know how concerned I should be about the Tannins in my water or how to treat that.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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