Pregnant Cat & Pesticide Question

pimerzSeptember 13, 2013

So, I was an irresponsible mom and now Abby Dabby Doo is expecting-- a rare occurrence around here. Needless to say, I'm very excited! And all the kittens are welcome to live a good life here on the farm.

I have created a nesting area using a plastic swimming pool in our closed-in breezeway. Everything looks good, except that I killed a roach in there yesterday. I have some boric acid roach powder and thought about using that, but am unsure if it will be safe for Abby or the kittens.

Does anybody have any advice on what to use?

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She's beautiful!

When she starts acting like she's thinking about weaning the kittens, *get her spayed at once*.

Cats very often come into season while they're still nursing.

If you only saw one roach, & you stepped on it, I think you have taken care of the problem!

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most non-pyrethrin-based topicals are safe for these cats- they only stay on the skin and do not get any systemic product.

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You're reading too fast, lzrddr:

Flea meds won't do a thing for roaches.

(I still think one stepped-on roach doesn't call for chemicals.)

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I see from your page you are zone nine. The warmer the climate the better chance you will see them. It just comes with the territory in the south. They can come from outside, in a grocery sack, etc. I wouldn't treat for them either if it was a solitary instance but like Sylvia said, it would be squashed. Just be observant if you see their feces in hidden areas or activity when a light is made on. Beautiful cat. Best of luck to the Mama.

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oops, sorry about that. No idea about Boric Acid... not as 'non-toxic' as I used to think... cats that walk through any pesticide, even boric acid, will lick if off their feet. Best to do as suggested for roaches.... step on them.

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