Cat can't jump up

haymeadowfieldSeptember 20, 2006

My cat is a 13 year old, indoor/outdoor neutered male. He was missing outside for a day and a half recently. He seems to be fine. Eats well, drinks water, uses litter box. Purrs. Except he doesn't seem able to jump on on my lap, up on the bed, etc. He wants to do it but hesitates and stops. There does not appear to be any injury to his legs or anything. If I pick him up, he's fine and has no problem getting down. Could he have strained some muscles while he was missing? How long should I let this ride? Thanks.

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If he wants to jump but can't or won't then that is a sign of pain. Can't say if it's neurological, muscular, or bone pain, but somewhere he hurts. He needs to see a vet for at least some pain relief, even if you elect to treat conservatively at first with just pain control and rest.

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I just wanted to say that my cat has fully recovered from his inablity to jump up. I just made sure he did a lot of resting and he slowly started to be able to jump up again. It started with low jumps and over time he has gotten back to normal. It took him about a month to fully recover. He's happy and so am I.

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haymeadowfield ~

You are so wonderful for letting us know the outcome. So many times problems come up, suggestions given and then we just never know what happened.

Congrats on working to help your cat on the road to recovery!


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