Stumped -- Floor mounted tub filler connection

lyt108May 19, 2013

Hey guys,

First post, and what better way to join than with a major problem that I simply cannot figure out.......

Ok so here we go.... look at these pictures



[SIZE=3]Looks simple right? just connect the hoses to the supply right?

Well, it's not. [/SIZE]

I need to first say that I did all the plumbing using pex and am VERY handy and a skilled carpenter....I understand plumbing very well, although not a journeyman or anything like that.

I am in Florida and we are on concrete slab. Pipes were moved to be in this exact position so the cover can slide over the installation.

here are the PROBLEMS:

1) the hoses coming out of the tub filler are simply TOO long and will kink if I force them on. I am not aware of any way to shorten them
2) I cannot use extensions because the connections are too bulky and will not allow the cover to slide over the whole thing once again if I try to force them... they will kink. the cover is about 6.25" round and 3" deep.
3) I cannot lower the 90's coming out of the floor. Even if I could I cannot get enough clearance to make it work. I used gator bites on purpose so I can swivel them to any angle, usually i would not use them, but I had no choice.
4) I MUST put the tub filler very close to the location seen in pic #2
5) I was going to just make a raised platform but I would have to tile it...and since the tub filler must be securely mounted I will not get access to it easily since I have to tapcon it in...
6) This is one of the first times I have truly been stumped on a home repair or installation.

I have narrowed it down to the following:

1) The EASIEST way to fix this is to shorten the hose coming out of the tub filler, the only fear is that these hoses came with the unit are specially made for the filler, I really don't want to cut them because I am not sure if I can get replacements if whatever I try does not work. Also, I am unaware of how or where to crimp a fitting on it. Can I just put some kind of hose barb on it?
Ideally, I could shorten it and put a right angle female on it, and it would be a piece of cake.

2) If I can find some way to make SMALL connections with tight bends I might be able to make the lines fit under the cover.

3) I have ruled making a platform out since it would look ugly and be difficult to service.

SO what say ye pros?

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How about:
Swivel the connectors to where you can attach the filler supplies.
Anchor the filler riser where the outflow is in the correct position and the supply lines are not pinched.
Build a non-structural tiled box (you could also use composit materials) to fit around the filler riser and base/connections. (The top will have to be in two pieces to fit around the riser).'Glue' it in place with waterproof caulk.
Slide the escutcheon down to the top of the box. (Obviously, the box top needs to be at least that large.)

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