Online Companies to purchase Fleck Softener

marose1May 25, 2012

I am preparing for a DIY Installation of the Fleck 5600 SXT Water Softener, and would appreciate any advice concerning reliable Online Sellers from which to purchase. I am currently considering Aqua Science and Ohio Pure Water, but other suggestions are welcome.

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get the 7000SXT for less restrictive and more modern valve.

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Bought a 7000sxt from Ohio Pure Water last fall and it has been working well. I just followed their instructions for assembly and had a plumber/friend connect the pipes. Even though the 7000 comes with a bypass I also put in a 3-way shutoff in front of that as well.

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The 5600SXT will work just fine IF the plumbing at the softener is 3/4" and the resin volume of the softener is less than 2 cu ft. It programs the same as the 7000SXT. If you choose the 5600SXT make sure you get a top basket AND opt for the Noryl bypass over the SS one regardless of what the seller tells you.

The 7000SXT is a better choice for larger diameter plumbing at the softener and larger volume softeners. It is a larger valve and will set away from the wall farther than the 5600 thereby taking more floor space.

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What is the purpose of the top basket?

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Keeps resin from getting out of the control valve into the plumbing.

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