Battery Backup Sump Pump Install

discoboyMay 15, 2014

I am getting ready to install my new battery backup sump pump. The manual(and most tutorials I have seen on Youtube) have the back up PVC pipe connect to the primary pipe after a check valve is installed on both lines. I was shopping for the supplies to install and the display at a big box home improvement store had the 2 pipes connect down in the pit BEFORE the existing check valve, taking away the need for a 2nd check valve. The employee insisted this method works because only 1 will be working at a time. Plus it seems cleaner and easier for me to do. I am having second thoughts after searching for anyone to confirm this method and not having any luck. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you!

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One check valve will work with "SOME PUMPS" but definatly not when one or both are centrifugal. Think about it like this,if a centrifugal pump is transfing liquid from one container to a higher container and the power gos off. The line will spyhon the upper container back in to the lower container. In your case,while either pump is running,water will take the path of least resistance which is the non-running pump unless there is a check valve between them. Use 2 chek valves and save yourself a flooded basment.

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