Two many hardware styles in one kitchen?

wi-sailorgirlMarch 4, 2013

(Edited: Oh my, how embarassing ... that should be TOO, not two (hanging head in shame)...)

The cabinets for our small kitchen remodel go in in a few weeks so I'm trying to firm up every decision I can.

Part of the remodel will include a hutch-type cabinet very much like this one (this is the existing one).

Because the rest of the cabinets in the kitchen will extend to the ceiling and this one obviously can't because of that beam above it, we're doing a few things to set the hutch area apart. It will stick out about two inches farther than the rest of the cabinets (the counter will jog around it). We'll put furniture-style baseboards around it as well. There will be two large drawers plus the two smaller drawers on top of the base cabinet. The top will have two glass doors as it does now and the four small drawers that sit on the counter will become three. Those three small drawers will be flat panel, everything else is a recessed panel with a beaded edge on the rail.

Because the drawers on top are so small, I don't like standard-sized knobs on them. The ones you see there are 3/4-inch (vs. 1-1/4-inch on the doors).

All drawers other than the three small ones will have Aubrey pulls in polished nickel.

The cupboards will all have these glass knobs (1-1/4).

I'm considering a recessed finger pull in polished nickel for the three small drawers. Obviously I want to be fairly certain that this is a good idea before going ahead with it because it's a permanent piece of hardware. Once the drawer is routered for the recessed finger pull there's no going back.

So what I'm wondering is whether that is just too many hardware styles in one kitchen or whether the face that the hutch is purposely "different" in some ways makes it OK.

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It sounds lovely to me.

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Sounds fine to me also. I would caution you to think about function on the finger pulls though. What will you store there? Silverware accessed many times per day or Aunt Betty's old silver serving spoons you only use three times per year? The finger pulls will take some concentration and aim to open. I know that it would drive me, screaming, up the PITA wall to have to navigate finger pulls on my silverware drawer that I access 20 times per day.

As you know, I used the Aubrey pulls almost exclusively in my kitchen, except on my dish hutch. Have you considered using the Aubreys on the small drawers? It would keep it consistent with the remaining drawers. I think all the other features of that hutch will set it apart enough without having completely different hardware. How tall are those three little drawers?

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You're right about the function on those finger pulls. They used to be used exclusively on boats and even the boatbuilders figured out there was a better way (most use pop-up buttons now). Those drawers are so small they are rarely used. Right now one is the pet medication drawer, one is for gum (yep, I have a gum drawer), one is for coasters and cocktail napkins and the other is for the corkscrew (which does get used frequently) and other bottle opener type things.

The Aubrey pull looks nice your drawer there. I suppose I could consider the 3.5" ones for those drawers. They are about 4 inches high, not sure how wide, but I would guess 10-12 inches maybe.

Edited to add: OK Breezy, I swear I didn't know you had glass knobs on your cabinets! I'm not a stalker, honest!

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I'm not sure this will gel with your vision, but these RH knobs are positively *tiny* and would be good for a smaller drawer. I bought them for a kitchen and they would have been better for a jewelry armoire, if you know what I mean.

They don't look small, or seem like they should be *that* small, but the 1" versions are. And the finishes would blend nicely with the Aubreys, natch.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tiny RH Knob

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I think a tiny knob on a row of flat panel drawers is charming. Have you looked at the Plain English website? You'll fall back in love with the tiny knob!

Maybe you want something different than a knob this time, but you know the saying...If it ain't broke....

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Well, I didn't have glass knobs on that cab for many months after my kitchen was mostly completed so most of my kitchen pics don't show them. I know you're not a stalker. :)

Four inches is pretty small. My dish hutch drawer, which does hold the silverware btw, is about 6" tall. I'm not sure I'd want the pull on my cork screw drawer to be difficult to open. Wait....maybe that would mean I'd drink less wine?!? Not such a bad thing..... ;)

What about tiny glass knobs? What size and from where are those glass knobs in your OP? Do they come in multiple sizes?

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