Marlo Water Softener

CW78May 31, 2011

Can anyone out there recommend Marlo water softeners (residential) or give me any pro/con opinions? I cannot find any information on the internet. Thank you.

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If you can't find any info on the internet and the seller can't or won't provide any then best to avoid that brand.

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Apparently you did it wrong. I googled "marlo water softeners" and found pages instantly. Commercial and residential offerings. I know nothing about them but there's TONS of information instantly available.

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I didn't get around to GGOGLING till now and there they are...

Seems like industry standard stuff. The models with the Clack control are more desirable than the models with the Autotrol control.

The real info you need is HOW MUCH? If they are priced in the market then if correctly sized for your water conditions and water use and properly set up for efficient operation there's no reason not to. I'd check around with local water treatment professionals. You might find exactly the same softener for less money.

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Sorry! What I should have said is that I cannot find any independent information-----the sort of thing where people are either complaining or singing the praises of the thing. There is a ton of information on the web that says very little. Their company website is pretty pitiful compared to the others. The post from justalurker is the most helpful thing I have read so far today.

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There's not much info because the softener is assembled from industry standard components and that makes it good, reliable, and unremarkable... price withstanding.

If what you want to know is how is their service and their reputation that is harder to find.

I'd hit the Yellow Pages to find local independent water treatment pros who sell industry standard softeners. Those people will have local reputations... good or bad.

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Marlo has primarily used Fleck control valves in the past. Their early cabinet model valves were an Erie valve I believe. Currently they offer the Autotrol and Clack line of water softener valves for residential use. The commercial valves are still Flecks. You really can not go wrong with the Clack valve, great valve, easy to work on, excellent electronics. There are not a lot of Marlo dealers around anymore. But these valve can be serviced by most independent dealers.

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CW78 you can go to to look for a certified water treatment professional in your area.
Depending on where you live you can contact Nelsen corp. in Ohio or Arizona for an independent dealer in your area.

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Why Nelson Corp, specifically?

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"Why Nelson Corp, specifically?"


Because Nelsen Corp is the biggest of the drop shipping wholesale distributors. I find Nelsen Corp ethically challenged (regardless of what they say on their web site) because they are responsible for most of the softener hucksters who sit at their kitchen table and sell softeners over the internet (for a quick profit) that are incorrectly sized and set up with no service

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My local plumbing supply warehouse sells this brand. I'm too looking for a new softner and cant find any reviews on the marlo brand. The plumbing supply store gives me a contractor discount there. Did you go with a marlo brand?

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