goat pics

NinapearlSeptember 18, 2011

i'm tellin' ya, when i haz a sad, all i have to do is go out there and spend 10 minutes with my little herd. they never fail to make me laugh!

sheldon and t-bone playing on the plank...

sheldon is bossy, the others ganged up on him and pushed him off the plank. when they did, he fainted!

getting ready for winter...i lined the bigger barn with straw bales and the little dog house is for the pot belly pig. i will stuff it with straw to give her a warm place.

sheldon has a hissy fit if another goats tries to eat out of the feed pan he's using but he will share with porkahontas, no problem. LOL

she's getting very tame, follows me everywhere and does these happy little grunts when i pour feed in her pan or offer her treats. she is a cinnamon bagel junkie!

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those pictures are too cute!!!!

I can see how anyone would feel happier after watching the goats & porkahontas! In the picture in the barn, they look like they're showing off their quarters.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Nina, they are just the cutest!!! And so beautiful too. Even Porkahontas!! Sure looks like fun!!

Thanks for posting the pictures.

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Oh gosh those photos are hysterical!! I keep telling hubby I want goats! But he knows better....he knows they will be in bed with us if he ever relents!!! (just kidding....I thin!)

So I assume they are fainting goats? They just fascinate me. When they are stressed they faint? How long are they 'out'? We have way too much wildlife around to have them but they truly are adorable.

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Love the pics, as usual ... great, cute bunch of pets!

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glad you enjoyed. :)

lynn, yes they are fainting goats. when they are surprised or especially excited about something, they will "faint". it isn't truly a faint in the sense that they are "out". they stay conscious throughout and are only down for 4 or 5 seconds. i only see it happen occasionally. i have had people ask me to "make" them faint but i don't do that as it can make them skittish of human contact and i don't want that.

the only problem i have is that when i sit down out there, they all climb into my lap and try to get to my hair. they LOVE nibbling on my hair and well, let's just say they wouldn't make much money in a salon. their "trims" are pretty uneven! LOL

i wish i could figure out how to post a video here. i have the cutest one of porkahontas playing ball with me yesterday.

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Love your critter pics, too. Had to chime in on the video question. I downloaded some free software called, "Digital Media Converter", uploaded videos made on my digital camera to my computer and then uploaded them into this free software. (However, the free version only works well with video under 1min.) It creates a "converted video file" and you file that in your documents or picture files. Then I went to my photo sharing site (Photobucket) and uploaded the video to my album. PB gives instructions on how to do that and how to share the video. Hope this helps.

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