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two25acresSeptember 29, 2011

I have two diabetics, one has done very well with his injections/eating, the other is just not doing well. She's lost weight, the rear legs just don't seem to work so well for her. They give out on her often. One leg was broken about 7 years ago, we saved the leg but had to put a rod in and have kept it in. She's always done well with it until the diabetes hit. I remembered my mom taking b-12 shots after giving birth to my twin brothers (they came in at 18 pounds), it did wonders for her and I'm thinking there should be something like that for my cat. What I came up with was Methylcobalamin. Anybody using it?

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When was the last time the vet saw her? It sounds like her insulin needs to be adjusted.

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It's been about 6 weeks and I'm actually taking her tomorrow. Need to renew the prescription for insulin. Thank you for the reply.

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Yes, it sounds like she needs an insulin adjustment. Is she staying at the vets all day for a curve? The weakness in hind legs can be indicative of seriously high glucose. Do you do home testing at all if not a complete curve? AlphaTrack is a good home meter just for animals and many vest use it. I like to have the same meter as the vet so that I know the readings are comparable. But I think the physical signs - continued weight loss and hind end weakness - are pointing to an insulin adjustment. Do you nix the insulin every 30 days? Most states do not require prescription for insulin, so you could buy it at any pharmacy.

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Did the vet make any changes today??

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How is kitty? What did the vet say?

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We have increased the dosage to 4 units. Going to try and do an all natural diet for her as well. Started transitioning her to it this weekend. We're taking that slow though. I get her needles at Walgreens, wasn't aware that I could get the insulin there. She's picky about the food I give her, prefers that cheap stuff to the good stuff. Thanks for the input, hopefully she is on her way back to good health.

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Glad you have a new dosage. The right food is really important. You want mostly meat/protein/low carb food or she will not be well regulated and will need continued insulin increases. A raw diet is great, or try Orijen if you need kibble. For snacks or treats dehydrated meats. If you are not doing testing at home, are you taking her back in two weeks or so for another curve? Good luck and hope kitty is feeling better now.

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