Haas cabinetry - reviews?

gardenamyMarch 31, 2011

Has any one used Haas cabinetry? Pros/cons? Ever heard of it? There is a 20% upcharge for painted...normal percentage? Any advice would be appreciated.


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I'm also interested in some insight. We bought Haas some 30+ years ago when we built our house. At the time they were a more expensive option. The cabinets held up beautifully, (surviving 3 rough and tumble boys) and I wanted to use the same cabinets but our layout won't allow it. I am going to install them in a walk in pantry next to our kitchen. Ours cabinets are stained.
I am curious if after all these years the quality would still be the same or if like so very many manufacturers the have gone downhill.

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Amy,I have had my Haas cabinets for about 9 months and if I had it to do over I would have gone in a different direction. They look great but I have had problems with both service and quality. Most of my cabinets came without shelves and it took me months to get all of the shelves for all my cabinets. They kept sending the wrong size.I have also had a couple of hardware failures. Once when the pullout drawer holding my dishes collapsed and the other when the appliance garage drawer just fell off. I've had to notice that for the money the cabinet hardware ( drawer glides, etc.) are no better than my much cheaper Koch cabinetry in my laundry room. I am also worried about the finish holding up . The cabinets seem to get dinged very easily and I am using my repair kit way too often.There are just the two of us so I can't imagine what it would be like if we had small children and pets with this kitchen. We also have custom cabinetry in other rooms and those cabinets ended up costing less and are a much higher quality IMO.

If you are looking for form over function than Haas may be a good choice. I have to admit they have a lot of bells and whistles to pick from and it is what attracted me to them in the first place. For me it was a splurge and I expected a little more for my money.

I may be the exception so you may want to do a little more research but when I was making my decision I wasn't able to find much in the way of information. I'd be interested to hear from other Haas customers. Good luck.

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bacin() and sidney4 - thank you for the input!

Sidney4 - 9 months is not long...and I have 2 children (3 if you count DH), 3 dogs and 2 cats. Do you also have painted?

Hopefully there are other Haas customers out there for more info.

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My kitchen cabinets are painted white and are glazed and the island is cherry with no glaze.I also have cherry cabinets in the MB with an espresso finish. The island cabinets don't seem to be a problem but I have had to be extra careful with the white and espresso finishes.

As I mentioned earlier,the look is great (see pic below) and I do get lots of compliments on my kitchen but I am going to have to be very protective of my cabinets if they are to go the distance.

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sidney4 - Beautiful kitchen!!! Thanks again. I'm looking for painted white...so I'm quite leary now. I'll let you know what I decide! Amy

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Keep me posted, Amy. I would still be interested in hearing other opinions. When I was making my decision, I just expected to find more about the company on forums like this and could never figure out why there was so little information out there. Even their web site isn't very revealing. They came highly recommended by my KD so there must be others who have had a better experience than me.

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Sidney4 - I agree, so very little information and I also expected more. We went back to the Haas showroom again today. Price quoted was $19,000 for Haas cabinetry...and their lower end line, Homestead, as $7,500. Shiloh came in at $8,300. I will keep you posted!

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We made the unfortunate choice of purchasing Haas cabinets for out kitchen remodel about 4 years ago. They came with glue drips, staples exposed, streaks to the stain, portions completely missed with the stain, portions completely missed with the "varnish" or finish coat; (and I'm not talking one or two of the pieces, but the majority of them.) One broken lower kitchen cabinet and one broken bookcase cabinet. Pieces missing; ie, pieces of trim and crown molding that were ordered. It took well over a year for all the problems to be corrected, at least as well as the company would deem them "corrected." There are still issues they never addressed. They blamed the distributor for many of the problems & delays. From talking to everyone involved, that really wasn't the case. Furthermore, had the product been what it should have been to start... In use, I'm really unhappy with the quality of the cabinet boxes. The bottom of the inside of the cabinets are particle board with what appears to be a paper finish, so the least bit of moisture and look out. You cannot even properly clean them in case they get soiled, because the "finish" will disolve and come off. The finish on the outside of the cabinets worries me as well, I am constantly touching them up, for cherry cabinets, they seem to mar very easily, is it the wood, or the finsh? I refinished a piece I bought at a resale shop that I use as my island, and have not had problems with it nicking and it gets a lot of use. As mentioned in another review, the drawer slides are not good quality. My husband has had to repair two drawers already. Bad cabinet choice on our part, but they looked, and seemed to be good cabinets for the money. But we spent over $10,000. at a 50%off promotional sale, for cabinets & the quality and finish work was very poor. Plus the year and 1/2 or so of not having a finished kitchen, absolutely ridiculous! As I told one of the Haas owners,I can't speak for him, but I'd be embarassed to have my name on the product they shipped to us.

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I've just recently come across this thread. I have Haas cabinets as well, and I would never - N-E-V-E-R - buy them again, and I recommend that none of you reading this post buy them as well. The employees that I've talked to are arrogant, and will give you no help whatsoever except to refer you to a dealer. Many of my drawer support brackets (plastic) have broken and no replacements are available anywhere. Some of my upper cabinets are coming apart, and if I hadn't added some additional screws, would have fallen completely off the wall along with everything in them. The hardware is cheap and not very accurately installed. Construction and materials are not anywhere near the quality I expected, considering what I had to pay. Do yourself a favor and stay as far away from Haas as possible.

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Did you get anything replaced? I have been looking at Haas. Can you post pics of the problems?

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Swartzmiller & Associates

wegotrocks has had a very different experience than I. I purchased Haas and I did have one the plastic brackets break. I called Haas directly and even though these drawer guides were discontinued and upgraded to a nicer product, I still received the product I needed to fix this (which took about 2 minutes). The hardware is about 10 years old. I wonder if wegotrocks installed his own cabinets because if they are falling off the wall, he/she probably did not use the solid maple hanging rail to install. I nicely asked for help and was happy to find that Haas proved that working with a family owned company was the way to go. Julie

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Ann Gibbons

I am in the process of installing my cabinets now. I am noticing how easy they are nicking so i am a bit concerned. I also ordered several floor to ceiling pantries and they only included 3 shelves. Not nearly enough. I had to go to local hardware store and buy shelving boards. Also the did not send the hardware for the shelves so bought some myself. One of my cabinets came with the pullout shelves not installed so i am trying to figure out how to mount them and intstall them in the cabinet...odd that all my other pullout shelves were installed. One of my pantry doors is warped so trying to get that replaced. Not sure if this will go smoothly..fingers crossed. I so love the way my kitchen is looking and love the soft closing and rollout shelves. Time will tell on how they hold up and if haas will stand behind their quality!

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Sophie Wheeler

All of those issues are due to the person that ordered the cabinets, and the communication between them and the customer. Chipping paint during an install is usually due to mishandling. Amateur carpenters and cabinet installers are not the same thing and really should not go together in the same sentence.

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Ann Gibbons

Sophie....i am hoping you are not from haas because now i am really nervous!!! Just a few points to improve your customer satisfaction...dont leave it to the distributer to add shelves for a cabinet that is 8 foot tall. Just include them so we dont have to go through this hassle. Hardware to hang the shelves should also be included. Warped door is not the fault of any installer...professional or ameteur. Chipping should not be so easy...this is a kitchen with families and people living in it. I expect some issues during installation but hoping i can actually use my beautiful kitchen without worries!

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