Not exactly plumbing - Q's about repairing a hand water pump

jel48May 11, 2011

Can anyone help with this or direct me to a source of information? We have a piece of wooded property that has a drilled well with a steel casing on it. I don't know much about wells so I hope I describe it adequately. It's about 8 inches in diameter and I'm not sure how deep. It has a hand pump on it. This is the kind of pump that keeps water in the pipe all of the time, so it provides instant water from the first pump on the handle, no priming necessary.

The pump is by Dempster Mill Manufacturing (Beatrice, NE) and it has the number 380-3-4067 on it. I believe this is the model number. It also has a number 5899 on it. I'm not sure what that is. I can upload a photo of the pump itself, if it would be helpful.

Last winter, the water in the pipes apparently froze and busted the PVC pipe right below the pump. We have taken everything off of the pump that we can remove and can not find a way to disconnect the cast iron part of the pump from the PVC pipe so that we can remove the pump and pull the PVC pipe for replacement.

I've also searched online for a manuel for this pump and have found none.

Can anyone provide some direction? Is this something we're going to be able to repair ourselves, or are we going to have to pay a well company to come out and do it. Obviously, we'd prefer to do it ourselves, or I wouldn't be here asking!


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Not familiar with that pump. But I suspect that it is a piston pump that is actually mounted on the lower end of the pipe and actuated by a rod that extends from the pump handle to the pump through the PCV pipe. I suggest lifting the whole thing out of the well. It may require additional people and/or equipment. In the old days, it was called a "sucker rod" since a long slender rod works OK in tension but not in compression (it will buckle). Those pumps delivered when the rod was pulled upward a few inches. The weighted rod was returned to the bottom by gravity.

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