Toilet water porting problem. What to do?

SBWalkerMay 6, 2013

There are two toilets in my residence that smell badly.

Toilet #1: Discolored water in bowl. Stinky.
After scrubbing the toilet tank and bowl with a disinfectant, the problem seemed to go away for a day or two. Then the water in the toilet bowl was discolored again. And stinky. Stinky like poo, not like sulfur.

While shopping at Home Depot I asked about this problem in the plumbing department. A gentleman also shopping there concluded that this is a toilet water porting problem. The toilet flush does not take away all of the contents of the toilet bowl.

FYI The water in the toilet tanks is clear, and has no bad odor.
The sinks and tubs in the bathrooms with stinky toilets produce no discolored or smelly water. No other water using appliances in the entire house produce discolored or stinky water.
The toilet in a third bathroom does not produce discolored or stinky water.

Question is, what to do about it? Do the toilets need to be replaced? Thank you.

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Photo of discolored water in toilet bowl.

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My first suspicion would be a clogged/blocked vent line. Running a snake down from the roof, long enough to reach the drain line, may clear the problem.
Are you on a septic tank or sewer? If a septic tank, which level are these toilets on?

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On city sewer system.

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"toilet water porting problem" Not a term used in the plumbing trade. I suspect that this is not a serious post. But if it is, one test is to quickly pour a bucket a bucket of clean water into the toilet bowl. Watch how it flushes and how the remaining water looks after that.

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Sounds like an incomplete flush.

Try holding the handle down longer till the tank is empty (no more water from under the rim when flushing).

A flapper that closes to quickly will not allow the tank to empty far enough.

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A new clue. The third toilet in the house, in a guest bathroom, has been used lately, and it, too, now has brownish water in the bowl.
Sounds like snaking the vent line is the first fix to try out.
Thank you all for sharing your ideas as to how to fix this.

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