Frontline weight question- please help!

llegarrecSeptember 4, 2008

I am having a major flea emergency!

I ordered Frontline, but it still isn't here yet. My neighbor offered her dog's dose since her dog is allergic to it, but it is for 44-88 lb dogs. My dog weighs 30.

She said it would be ok if I used it, but didn't use the full dose.

I called Frontline to check, they were not much use, since they only said if I used it it wasn't guaranteed anymore since it was given to me and not purchased by me (???)

Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do?

Thank you!

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I think if your flea issue is as bad as you say, you should consult with your vet. Your situation could get worse without a proper battle plan.

I may be wrong, but I believe that the whole pill needs to be given to work effectively. Cutting it decreases what needs to be done (reason for weight/pills/size dogs).


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Wait for your Frontline to come, it is never a good idea to give a treatment not the correct dose, especially since you will prbably dose your pup as soon as you get your treatment in the mail. You may want to treat the yard with Diatomaceous Earth (not the kind you get at the pool supply store - go to your local garden supply store. Home Depot or Orchard wil not help. Go get a big bag, and a face mask. Keep the dogs inside or away from the area you are treating, just so they dont inhale the stuff. Apply as directed on the bag. This should help until your treatment gets delivered

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Luckily, Frontline is one of the only meds that you can actually break down yourself. Let me explain. To save money on it, I buy the largest application of Frontline, which is for dogs over 100 pounds. My dogs weigh about 5 pounds. On every box of Frontline it clearly states the correct dosage for that weight range. In my case, for my small dogs, the correct dosage is .63 ml. So, I buy the large dog size, put the Frontline in another container, and I draw up .63 ml in a syringe and apply only that much to my dogs. (I hope I am being clear.)

So, in your case, you need to go to Frontline's website or drop by a Vet's office and get the correct amount for your 30 lb dog, and then you can apply the correct amount. You can save what is left over for later use; but be sure to use a dark, glass container, as Frontline is affected by direct light. (Small brown bottles work good, and most Vet's sell these for about $1.00.)

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I've never seen an allergic reaction to REAL Frontline in 12 years of vet practice (not to say it CAN'T happen, just never seen it), which makes me wonder where the neighbor got hers. The company will not guarantee any product that is not purchased from your veterinarian, so if your dog has an allergic reaction also, they will not help cover your costs of treatment, which can be significant if your dog is having a severe reaction.

I also split my Frontline Plus for my smaller dogs.

In the meantime, I agree with SG. Your vet is best qualified to make a complete plan of attack for a major flea infestation, assuming you have a good vet (some are better than others with skin issues).

You have to take a multi-faceted approach to flea infestations. Step one is to prevent fleas from biting your dog using a safe and effective product such as Frontline or Advantage. Step 2 is making sure you control the population of fleas, which is extremely important because you only see adult fleas, which comprise only 5% of your total flea problem. The other 95% are immature stages. Frontline Plus (not just regular TopSpot, but the Plus) has an insect growth regulator that prevent flea eggs from hatching and larvae of certain stages from continuing to develop. Step 3 is to control the environment, which can be accomplished by use of indoor foggers or sprays, outdoor sprays, vacuuming daily and throwing away the bag, diatomaceous earth, etc. Step 4 is treating any secondary skin issues such as infection or itchiness, which may require antibiotics and/or steroids.

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Thank you SO MUCH everyone.
Whiskeyriver and Meghane, you were especially helpful. My neighbor said her vet said splitting Frontline was possible, I just wasn't sure how. I've controlled the fleas big time!!! I gave him a flea bath and completely cleaned the house TOP to bottom and Hepa vacuumed...then I sprayed Zodiac upholstery spray on his bed and my only area rug (that he lays on constantly!!!) I washed and bleached my Ikea slipcovers (which I love btw!!) I've only picked 2 fleas off him in 2 days, and I've been checking him like a crazy lady. He is SO much happier.I haven't split the Frontline, but I will...He needs a box lower than the one I have. The one I have (dogs 45lbs-88lbs) it is 2.69 ml per vile, does anyone know what the 22-44lb vile is in fluid ounces or ml? I guess that is what I need to find out next to try and do the math equasion...Thank god my neighbor is a math professor at Harvard, I'll have the exact formula I am sure!
Thanks again all!

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