I have the best cat in the whole world!!!

bbairdSeptember 11, 2010

Taylor now

Taylor about a year after I got her and she managed to get up to 14 lbs. in a very short time (2-3 lbs too much)

Again...early on (now she weighs less than 7 lbs)

Exactly 1 year ago, today, the vet told me that my cat had 2-3 months to live. She was on IV for 4 days at the vet, diagnosed with CRF and Pancreatic Cancer.

Even saw Tim Rocha and 3 other vets who gave her the same prognosis.

I don't know how much longer she has, but, NEVER give up on your pet...no matter what the diagnosis and prognosis.

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You do have a most wonderful and beautiful cat. I'm happy she is outliving her prognosis, too. My great old Tom Cat went a few years past what they expected him. Each day was a gift and treated as such.

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She's lucky to have you in her life ! You must have stimulated that urge in her to fight the disease. It won't cure that little furball .... but You Keep loving her and she'll keep trying ! You're both sweeties , but I really do love the little furry one more ! *smile* LOL

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I want people to know that a prognosis isn't written in stone, and, that they shouldn't despair (as I did) when given a very dismal one. You just don't know. Do what you have to do and stay in denial :) That's what I've been doing.

I can't say that I'm a sweetie, but, I wholeheartedly agree that the little furry one is.

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bbaird -- you have a little miracle baby . Who knows how long she has to stay on this earth . My advice ? Keep doing what you're doing ... and when the end does come ...you can look back and say that you gave her the best care & love than any cat could have had . If she could speak ---- she'd probably say "I had the best mama on earth ... she never lost faith in me . She loved me till the end ".

You can't get a better ending .

((((((((( Love you both ))))))))

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Taylor is a beauty, and I completely agree with you to never give up hope just because of a bad prognosis.

Our Bogart was diagnosed with terminal adenocarcinoma last year, and given a few months to live. He survived for 15 months and had a good quality of life until the last couple of days, which is why we finally decided to help him pass on last week. It was a terribly hard thing to do because he had such a strong will to live, but his poor body just got too ill and weak to fight anymore.

My very best wishes to Taylor and you, and I hope you get to keep her with you for a long time still.

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I'm sorry about Bogart.

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Thanks bbaird, I miss him so much. He was always there for a handout when I was cooking, and when we were eating, he would sit by my feet and chirp at me. I spoiled the heck out of him the last week when he got frail and even his interest in his beloved grass fed ground meat decreased. I bought all different kinds of canned food, even junk, jars of baby food meat, whipped cream, bags of cat treats, and just gave him whatever he wanted. Of course, the other kitties were right in line for the junk food too. :o)
Sorry to ramble, I do hope that Taylor will be with you for a long time yet.

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