Why is my cat protesting?

whimziklSeptember 10, 2011

OK, here's the scenario!

We have 2 male cats..one is 8 yrs old, the other is 16. We also have a 5 year old Golden Retreiver. Everyone is living in harmony and we still are...BUT about 3 months ago, I rescued a little female cat who is about 2 years old. About a month ago, the 16 year old cat decides to do #2 in the living room...not #1, which I'm grateful for (yuck!) If he gets caught, he continues to do his thing and I clean it up! I have taken him to the litter boxes, which he does use for #1, so now I don't know what to do!! I thought maybe he'd quit, but maybe its laziness on his part. He was just to the vet for checkup and shots.. they did bloodwork and fecal tests and he's healthy. I think he's just protesting the newest member of the family.

Any suggestions (other than confining him - HA!) would be welcome!!

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Did you add an extra litter box? He may not appreciate sharing.

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If he'a urinating in the litter box, but defecating in the living room, he may be having pain when he poops. (Associates litter box with pain.) Are his stools dry or hard?

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We have 4 litter boxes..cleaned daily, so I think I'm ok in that department...his stools look like tootsie rolls, actually look pretty perfect! :)

I really can't scold him..he's an OLD man and I can't put a litter box in the LR...so I guess we'll just wait for the attitude to change!


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OMG! Maybe the poor thing is just going senile! Seriously though, is he doing it in the same place each time? Could you spray the area with one of those repellent sprays? Maybe put a litter box where he is relieving for the time being?

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