What ARE your cta's favorite treats?

glaserberlSeptember 22, 2011

The thread about the free treats not being liked by cats has me wondering what do your cats like for a treat?

Ours go nuts for Greenies and dehydrated liver treats. And they love the dog kibble to the point that two of the, try to eat of the dog's dish when he eats. Amazingly they live to tell about it.


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My cats love yogurt; they won't leave me alone when I'm eating it! They are weird though, they also like tropical fruit juice, something past cats never would have wanted.


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Mine are very picky when it comes to commercial treats even the semi-feral who eats most anything. I admit I keep a little fresh meat in the fridge and offer them a snack in the evening. Kitty used to eat the soft chicken treats - Pounce, I think it's called; but he quit suddenly. Would just sniff and walk away.

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My cat doesn't want anything to do with any kind of treat. He has his dry food that he likes, and cannot be tempted by any snack, or even tuna, a piece of chicken, or a shrimp! He also cannot abide a closed door and will yell until someone opens a door for him. Now, whether he actually wants to go through that door is a moot point. It just shouldn't ever be CLOSED.

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My cats LOVED the freeze-dried meats. I'll be ordering more. I wonder if the cats who didn't like the treats aren't used to plain meat in their diets? Mine are, so it seems normal that they'd be delighted with the freeze dried meat. For those who aren't used to plain meat, it's understandable that they wouldn't rush to something so foreign.

Across the board are some interesting other favourites. These include plain Greek yoghurt, butter, pan spray (I have to keep the stuff under lock and key, and a sprayed pan needs to be out of reach or they'll lick the pan spray off, yuck), one loves potato chips or french fries, she also loves buttered popcorn. They all enjoy squash and peas. They love ice cream-Husband takes a spoonful, then offers one to the cats, then has another for himself on the same spoon!.

They like to lick but not eat strawberries and some melons.

Sweet basil leaves need to be locked away or they'll eat every last one. Doesn't matter if fresh or dried.

Two love spinach in all its stringy glory after cooking.

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My cats go crazy for the dehydrated chicken and shrimp. PureBites is the brand. I've never had them react to a cat treat this enthusiastically.

One thing to note is that the Chicken cat treats are way more expensive than the same exact thing for a dog. The only difference is that there's a dog on the bag instead of a cat and the pieces are a little bit bigger. They're really easy to break up so the cats can easily eat them. The cat treats are $3.49 for .6 ounce while the dog is $8 for 3 ounces. It's a big bag and lasts a while.

They don't have the shrimp for the dog but they do have the liver. I haven't tried that yet with my cats.

Petco and Petsmart have them in the dog and cat sections. Highly recommended.

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