Sump pump installation

bcarlson78248May 16, 2014

My 1940 home does not currently have a sump pump, but based on water infiltration in one corner of the bathroom (there may even be a spring) I think it needs to have one added. I plan to install the pump as part of a bathroom renovation that includes moving the toilet flange and sink drain, so both the sump pump installation and fixture moves will require cutting into the concrete floor.

I understand the general process for adding a sump pump, but want to make sure I call the right type of contractor. Its much more a mechanical than a plumbing job, since it will require cutting of concrete and putting a hole through the basement wall. Are there plumbers who specialize in sump pumps, or do I need another type of contractor?

I've also already gone through the city info on permits for sump pumps, so I know some of the restrictions. I have the option of sending the water to a dry well in my yard, but most of my neighbors chose to run a pipe to the street that lets the water run down the storm sewer. I think that draining it into the street is unsightly, since its very visible, but we have high clay content soil that may require a big drain field if I try to run it onto my yard. Any comments or suggestions?



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If you have water infiltration, you want to speak to a contractor that specializes in that issue, typically not a plumber. Simply installing a sump pump may not be adequate to solve the problem - you may need a drain system installed around the home's perimeter.

If you have clay soil, pumping the water to the storm drain will be best. Run the pipe underground if you don't wish to look at it.

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