Rusty on the housetraining issue.Suggestions??

mom2labsSeptember 2, 2009

Hi there,

We have a new chocolate lab puppy.He is 8 1/2 weeks old.

We also have a 6 1/2 yr old black lab who is totally trained of course.

So it has been 6 years since we have house trained , and so I wanted to post the routine that we have and see if anyone had any feedback.

Reggie our pup is a smart dog , and has learned a few things already.

However house training him is our main focus right now.

At night , or when we are gone (which is rare as I don't work outside the home) he sleeps in a crate. The crate is big enough for him to lay down, turn around etc but that's it.

Whenever we take the puppy outside we say "go potty" , and praise up a storm when he goes.

Reggie is fed 3 x a day . He is able to drink as much water as he wants at feeding time.

Our routine goes like this.

3:30 am my Husband gets up to get ready for work,so he immediately takes the dogs outside , he is outside with them , and makes sure Reggie goes potty.

Then it's inside for the 1st feeding of the day. Immediately after eating we go outside, and Reggie always goes #2 . 15 mins after that it's back outside to go pee , he generally goes then. So then it's 30 mins and back out.He is then let out 1 more time before my Husband leaves for work at 5am.

He is then put back in his crate, until around 7am, when I get up and take him out immediately.

After that it is approx every 45 mins and he goes every time.

Lunch is at 11:15 am and the same routine of outside immediately after eating, then 15 mins, and 30 mins and then back to every 45 mins.

Supper is at 4:15 or so and the same going outside schedule goes.

Bedtime is at 10pm.Reggie is of course let out right before bed for the last time of the night.

We got him on Saturday and he has had 6 accidents in the house.

The 1st night he soiled his crate, both pee and poo , since then he is dry at 3:30 am when my Hubby gets up with him, but has had accidents somewhere between 5am and 7am.

So any feedback?? Are we doing this right???


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I have one thing to say - ONLY 6 accidents in the house?? You are doing great. By the end of next week you should not have any more trouble. The deal is - that pup is young, his bladder is small and nights are long.
At about 6 months I recommend changing one thing - Take the dogs leash walking instead of just letting them out.
Good luck with your new pup.

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