E-coli & well nubie

kailuamomMay 18, 2012

Hi All -

This is my fist post on the pluming forum, so forgive me if I am ABSOLUTELY CLUELESS - I know I am!

Here's the scoop.

We are in California, I say this as I understand the requirements may vary based on state. So I am looking for opinions on what should be done, rather than state statute, which I will work out separately.

We are in contract to buy a home on septic and well water. As part of our investigation, we have inspected both the septic and well systems (and the water tested for potability).

Potability failed (both coliform and e-coli)and septic failed. There are large cracks in the tank, it needs to be replaced.

So... to move forward, I want a credit to install a new septic tank, and I want the water potable and credit for a treatment system to keep it potable.

I have looked into it, and it looks like a UV system would make sense for the potability - do you agree? If so.... are there favorites?

My question to you.... If it turns out we need a water softening system, is this separate from the UV system or is this integrated? The water conditioning is on us the buyers, and I would prefer to fuss with that after close, taking time to evaluate best options. However, potability needs to be addressed now.

Does it make sense to tackle these issues separately, or does one system manage all issues?

Thanks for your expert perspective!

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Potability is a separate issue from softening. While you are dealing with the potability issue, you may as well get a comprehensive water test now to determine what, if any, additional treatment may be necessary. You want to know: hardness, pH, TDS, iron, nitrates, sulfates, manganese, alkalinity.

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Thanks - I understand that they're separate issues, but am wondering if they would typically be resolved in a single solution.

If not, and the uv system is always different than the other treatment options, then I don't have anything to worry about (aside from the obvious!) I would just hate to find out that the better equipment handles all issues combined, and had we just spent a little more we would have been happier.

That said, we will allow the owner to deal with the portability.

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That's potability.

One consideration regarding UV is that if the water is hard then the service life of the UV bulb will be reduced which can be annoying and costly.

Living on a well is more complicated and requires maintenance that living on a water system does not. Living on a well you're responsible for making your water SAFE and nice. You will want to be testing for bacteria and nitrates at least annually.

You would be wise to get a comprehensive water test to determine what else you might want to treat and then both you and the seller can combine your efforts and share the cost of whatever treatment is decided on and deal with one source so everything works and plays well together.

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Danged iPad spelling - I spelled it right earlier!

Thanks for the help.

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Sorry I wasn't very clear in my first post. There is not one piece of equipment that will successfully handle both of your issues. You may, as justalurker said, be able to find one company that can handle treatment for both issues, just with separate pieces of equipment.

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Thanks, that's what I was getting at.

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