Stressed cat???

yacherylSeptember 7, 2009

I went on vacation in July, my husband stayed home with the 2 cats.

Parker, our 2 1/2 old black cat, 18 lbs - big cat!,

pulled all of his hair out on his belly.

Like he had none! Took him to the vet.

They did a work up and nothing wrong.

Last Friday, left for 2 days and I came home to nearly bald legs!

Great on me, not on him!

Vet suggested putting him on a pill for seperation anxioty.

But that's a daily pill.

We had to give him a worm pill once- I can't do that again!

Any suggestions on what to do?

Have any of you tried the apple spray?

Can you even use that on cats?..........cheryl

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I don't think the deterrent of bitter apple will be enough to prevent a cat with separation anxiety from pulling hair out.

Most medications can be compounded into liquids which are sometimes easier to give than pills. Another non-pilling solution is Feliway, which is available as a spray or a plug-in for the environment. It has kitty phermones which help soothe anxious cats. May also try other herbal remedies that can be mixed with food.

Here is a link that might be useful: Feliway Products

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Thank you Meghane for answering.

I just took some pictures of Parker to email off to the vet.
This is weird! - I've never had a cat do this.
He has eaten off more hair today.
He doesn't have fleas, worms, skin's not dry.
He gets mixed P-1 and the vet's dry food mixed.
I just gave him some catnip.
That will put his lights out for tonight.........cheryl

Here is a link that might be useful: Poor Parker

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My kitty removes the hair from his belly. My vet also said it was probably stress and she didn't suggest any kind of anti-anxiety pill. But Parker's problem sounds worse than mine. It sounds like the good news is that Parker only does this when you're gone for long periods of time.

I hate to say it, but I'd also suggest the anti-anxiety pill for him for when you go out of town. I know what a pain it is to medicate a cat, but I'd try it.

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