softener/RO/ iron removal system for well water with bad odor

jreagMay 7, 2014

Just bought a house and our well water smells horrible, makes a room smell when you turn on the water, esp hot water. Think rotten eggs. Water test results- 13 GPG, .5 iron, 360tds. We are over 5 years away from being hooked up to city water, so need something that will last awhile. We have a quote from Kinetco dealer for 6,000- Kinetico 2030, kinetico k5 and Iron Dagger filter for removal of odor. I have not been able to find any reviews of Iron Dagger except on the website of the water service who did the testing and quote.
Searching garden web regarding this for the first time today, it seems like Fleck has a good reputation. What do we do for an iron filter and will that take care of that horrible odor? Is Fleck commonly used with independent water system services?

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