Water softener drainage

jane352May 10, 2014

We live in FL and our water softener is outdoors. This unit was installed by a major WS company prior to us purchasing the home. The water expelled from the unit was going to a hose into the ground just inches from our foundation. I'm not certain how deep it drains underground. Recently we had soil erosion next to the foundation whenever the system ran overnight. It was creating a hole in the soil that kept getting deeper. Since sinkholes are a worry, we didn't like to see this. We have since put the drainage hose into a large bucket that we dump AWAY from the foundation. Do you have a better solution for us that won't break the bank?

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Plumb it to your home's wastewater discharge line. Whether city or septic, that is where softener discharge belongs.

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Most plumbing codes require an air gap at the drain line to drain connection.

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@aliceinwonderland...no can do...septic is in the front yard, softener in the back. @justalurker I have no idea what you mean by an air gap. Guess we will keep emptying the bucket. :(

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Google water softener air gap

You might pose your question to the major water softener company who installed the softener and have them provide you a copy of the permit and inspection by the plumbing authority they should have on file to show you that they followed plumbing code requirements.

If they can't do that then you can bring your question to the plumbing inspectors and explain to them that the major WS company can't/won't answer your questions.

Based on your description of how they installed the softener I 'll wager there was no permit pulled, no inspection, and the installation is in violation of the plumbing code.

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If you are not going to do it right anyway, then it really doesn't matter what you choose to do. I, for one, will not advise you how to do something contrary to law or good sense.

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