septic or plumbing problem?

rschreiberMay 1, 2012

We have a strong urine smell coming from heater vents/switch plates along the middle section of the entire length of bottom floor of our house. It began when our septic system was re-piped. We have had the septic company out but they can't find any leaks. Cleaned out vents as well. Not rats, no cat, children gone, outside house sealed of openings. We live in SF Bay Area and the house is 20 years old. This has been going on since December--help--it wakes us up at night as the smell wafts through the air....

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Sophie Wheeler

Heater vents and switch plates do not emit sewer gas or urine smells. I would suspect a dead animal behind the walls. That can give off sweet almost urine type odor in the later decomposition stage. It's time for you yourself to crawl under the house and use your nose to find the center of the issue.

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I've heard that insulation can give off an odor too. Did they do anything related to that? Or, if they didn't seal an air entry just right, could you have air "wafting" through your wall insulation and through switch plates bringing the odor?

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What exactly do you mean by re-piping the septic system?

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