Kitty Pooping Less / Less Hungry

californiangardenerSeptember 19, 2010

It's possible I am being an overly concerned pet "parent" but in the last two weeks I have noticed my kitty is not pooping as much and seems less hungry. In the beginning he was pooping at least once a day and it was big poop. Now he poops maybe every other day and it's very small poop (3 little ones). He also seems to be eating like 25% less of his food. He also isn't begging for food around mealtime like he used to. He'll eat - he just seems less hungry because he's not like clawing at me while I'm making the food.

I feed him twice a day - half a 3 oz. can of Wellness and 1/8 cup dry Wellness core.

I switched him to Wellness core recently (about 3 weeks ago) - maybe the extra protein just makes him poop less in general? Any thoughts? He seems to be acting normally. Thanks!

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How much does Puss weigh? Start to closely moniter his weight. Are his other activities the same...playing, drinking, urinating? How old is he? These are things that are always on my mind when I notice a change in dietary demands, so I don't blame you for for being a bit concerned. Does he seem to be straining when he goes?

But having said that, an increase in protein and a decrease in carbs will tend to lessen stool volume but not that significantly.

Also, its not clear: does he get 1.5oz + 1/8oz twice a day (which would be a total of 3oz + 1/4 oz) or do you divide that amount into 2 feedings? If it the latter, that is not much.

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