Pretty please-Can you make heads or tails of this?

natebear zone 10BMarch 17, 2014

I've googled and "gardenwebbed" and can't figure out how to read these measurements:

I would like to begin playing around with the Ikea kitchen planner. However, I'm unsure whether I have all the measurements here. Are the measurements to the back wall missing? (the wall perpendicular to the garage exit)

Here is an overhead view:

Thank you for any help you can offer.

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The lower set of measurements on the horizontal are "Center-to-Center" measurements.

From top to bottom on the left:
Overall height
Height of fridge space/height of over fridge cabinet/height above cabinet
Don't know: possibly some heights related to tall cabinets
The measurement to the bottom is cabinet height without countertops/the remainder of the 70" height of the actual fridge/ and I don't know, heights taken off that.

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You only have an elevation (one wall) and an overhead rendering. That's not enough information to be able to enter in the dimensions of the whole space without getting out your tape measure.

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natebear zone 10B

Thank you ineffablespace and live_wire_oak. :)

I will have Ikea come out and measure the space.

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Just get out your tape measure. Copy that overhead diagram, and start measuring. From the wall to the corner. Make a note on the diagram. From the inside corner to that outside corner. Jot it down.

Just to play around on the planner, you don't need 100% accurate measurements.

And I don't know if what is pictured is your current space or not, but that fridge is dying to be placed on that pantry run to the right so as to have enough room around the cooking surface. What is pictured wouldn't pass fire safety codes!

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natebear zone 10B

Thanks for the encouragement live_wire_oak. I do plan to head over there tomorrow for a preliminary attempt.

YES, the fridge desperately needs to be moved! Are you referring to the wall immediately to its right? I hope so because there are water lines behind that wall I would need for the ice maker.

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