Fleck Water Softner

aleicgrantMay 16, 2011

Hi everyone,

I live in Central Florida which is known to have hard water. We would like to add a water softner to our house. The measured hardness is between 15 and 20 so I think we are a good candidate.

We have 3 people in the house with 4 bathrooms.

My plan is to purchase a Flex 7000 with 80,000 grain capacity.

I also plan to use potassium to cut down on the salt as sodium is an issue for our family.

any comments on fleck. Where is a good place to look for someone to install. The house previously had a water softner and the loop is already in place.

thank you

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You really don't need that large a capacity system. A 60k system will be more than adequate for your needs. If you believe you need that much capacity a Fleck 9100 90k twin tank would be much more efficient. Potassium is not as efficient as sodium so it takes 25% more KCL to regenerate the same amount of resin.
You can contact Nelsen Corp in Florida and they can recommend a dealer in your area. Here is the info.
Nelsen Corporation
5120 E Adamo Dr. Suite F
Tampa, FL 33619
Ph: 866-712-6796

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