what kind of dog do i have? (pics)

ccatl945September 8, 2010

I rescued him last year from where i worked he and another dog had come in out of the cold. Ive been told he looks papillon but he isn't the right color. The website is to raise money for shelters i dont expect a vote it was just the best link i have.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gizmo

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Sorry, can't help with what he is ... besides he looks like a mix to me ... my favorite types of dogs are mutts!

He sure is cute!

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looks like the majority voted for Chihuahua, but he reminds me of a friend's Pomeranian.

One clue would be his personality;
Chihuahuas tend to think they're big ferocious dogs, & Poms love everybody.

Whatever he is, he's adorable!

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He's a very lucky little dog, that's what he is.

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Looks like a long haired Chihuahua. but just to be sure you can always get a doggie DNA test done.

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forget the doggie DNA tests, i thought they had come farther with that but I hear they ae still way off.

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