plumbing length cause leaking pipes

rogplumerMay 19, 2013

Is it possible for the "run" or length of pvc be too long or rigid that it may cause too much pressure on the 45's in the area.
Have had a leak at the same joint 3 times. One plumber said that it needs a flex area as it can be caused by the "jarring" of the area when water goes on and off. I believe it is the hot area. Have a hot water circulater for the warm water.
Any help would be great as have had to redo ceiling drywall several times...........

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PVC is not suitable for hot water.

You need at least CPVC.

Plastic pipe expands a lot more than metal with temperature changes.

Put at least a U-bend in the middle of the long run to allow more movement.

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A few questions:

  1. Are you certain it is PVC and not CPVC? Brickeyee is correct that PVC is not suitable for hot water - it is important to know precisely what the pipe material is.

  2. Diameter of the pipe?

  3. Length of the straight run?

  4. Temperature of the circulating water

  5. Coolest temperature to which the pipe is exposed

The correct size for an expansion loop is easy enough to calculate given the above information. Loop size will be mute, of course, if the pipe is the wrong material.

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it is 1" pipe and it is cpvc..the length is at least 20 feet. it does not have a U bend. a plumber suggested some kind of flex at the intersection..whatever that means..i dont know the temp of the water, but it is the hot feed all 3 times. any further help on the "flex" or whatever that means.

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Okay, I asked the question I asked because they are ALL required in order to calculate the proper size for an expansion U for your pipe. If you can't provide those answers, nobody can help you.

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