Granite...wood vs. laser template...does it matter? Also a crack

homebuyer23March 26, 2013

I found some Jet Mist honed I love at the very first granite yard I wandered into off the street. They have since contacted me and given me a good price on it.

I know its good, because now I've gone to the yard my contractor recommends and they have Jet Mist also, but they quoted a much higher price, then gave me my contractor's 15% discount but theyre still about $3/400 more than the first place even with that discount.

I am wondering if you get what you pay for though...the less expensive yard does wood templating, the other one does laser. I haven't researched that too much yet but to me laser sounds like it'd be better than wood? Though my contractor somewhat disagreed.

Also, the Jet Mist at the less expensive place has a crack in it. From reading on here I realize that may not matter, much.

Is it it worth an extra $400 to get a slab without a crack that will be laser installed? It'd be really nice to save $400.

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Ours was done with cardboard. Came out great. Our fabricator said laser has limitations with more complicated layouts where the the counter turns a corner. (outside turn, not inside) Hope that makes sense.

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I am a fabricator.

Laser or wood doesn't matter if the guy doing the measure is competent.

re: the crack also not a big deal as long as you are ok ith it

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I agree with oldryder. The benefits of each only are benefits to the fabricator. It has nothing to do with the end product.

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Our granite was templated with a laser system. Here's a 3-1/2 min. video at the bottom of this page which shows how it works.

I'm not sure why laser might have a hard time with outside (or any) corners. This is our outside corner. This was was never intended to have a backsplash, so it had to be right. All of our walls look like this.

The wall opposite the peninsula towards the corner to the right is so not even. The builders 40 years ago placed the wall studs with one crown facing the kitchen instead of away which makes a bulge in the wall at that spot (just to the left of that last outlet). We had to carve the wall board a bit to slide the granite into place and repair it afterwards, but the counters hug the wall the entire distance.

This is where the sink counter dead-ends into the pantry, another spot where the edge would always show. You can see where they shaved a little so the pantry door would open properly. That was done on-site. The back wall is just as tight, although it eventually had a backsplash installed.

I'm quite sure that there are fabricators who template with cardboard or luan or whatever and get really good results. The question is, is your's one of them?

Here is a link that might be useful: Laser templating

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