how to get pee smell out of rug

datura-07September 25, 2009

One of our cats (have 5) seems to have started peeing on the small rugs in several rooms. I tossed them but this one is new and I'd like to save it but it is dry and the backing is discolored. Can I save it???? What should I wash it with? Tried ammonia on a different one but I could still smell it.

thanks for any help you can give me.

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Take your cat to the vet for a check-up. To suddenly start peeing in other places outside of the litterbox can signal an urinary tract infection.

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Ammonia is the *worst* thing you can use - because it smells like pee! Try one of the enzymatic cleaners found at the pet store.

If you can fit it in the washing machine, try that, but do NOT put it in the dryer. The backing might disintegrate and cause a fire hazard.

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"What Odor". It works on everything and is safe enough to actually spray on a pet --- perfect to remove skunk odor.

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In my experience, once a cat pees on a rug, it will always pee on it because you cannot get the smell completely out. It's best to give the rug (after it's cleaned) to someone who does not have animals.

And I agree that you should have your cat examined for possible urinary tract infection. It is also possible that the cat that is peeing in the wrong places feel threatened by the other cats and cannot comfortably use the litter box because some of the other cats consider it part of their territory and won't let him/her go there. This is especially a possibility if the cat that's peeing is a "new kid on the block."

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thanks for the help. Someone told me to use some cider vinegar in the wash and I tried it. The rug smells great - no pee odor at all when I took it out of the washer. I'll see how it is when it is dry.

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Simple Solution... is the brand name of an enzymatic cleaner that works great for pet urine.

Another brand is Nature's Miracle. Both are about the same, but I prefer the smell of SS to NM.. though both are odorless after they dry.

vinegar is a good choice also. I use it for getting the fish smell out of ice coolers.

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You can also try Odoban

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