Water Softener System

msheetsMay 8, 2009

I'm looking for a water softener system for our house. Very new to this stuff, so I thought I would ask for help from those who know alot more than I do. We are a family of 4, have a well, and live in Western Oregon. We do have a sulfur odor and staining of the showers/sinks/toilets.

Water results are as follows:

Hardness= 12gpm




1st dealer I consulted recommended the Water Right Sanitizer Plus series (model ASP1-1054). He said it would remove the sulfur odor and iron, as well as provide the soft water we want. Installed price is $2700.00.

2nd dealer recommended the Cascadian Pinnacle series water softener (model 09EM) and Oximax filter system (09EC). Installed price is $3890.00.

Which is the better system? Is the second system worth the extra $1200? Any other systems that are highly recommended? Any other general information/recommendations about our situation would be appreciated.

Thanks alot!

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A search of this forum for the words water softener (click here for search results) will produce more posts than you can imagine and there are volumes of good info in those posts.

Since water varies greatly, sometimes just across the property line, there is no easy answer to your question.

Seems like you are dealing with two local water treatment companies who sell industry standard softeners and that can be/is a good thing if they know what they're doing and stand behind what they sell.

The test results you posted lack some results I'd expect from a well water test. No bacteria test? No TDS test?

Your water is hard and has enough iron to cause problems for your plumbing and fixtures and the sulfur needs to be addressed.

Ok, here's Water Softener 101 ...

Get a water test from an independent lab. An independent lab has no agenda and won't be trying to sell you water treatment equipment. Go to http://www.epa.gov/safewater/labs/index.html to locate a certified lab near you. This is a MUST DO because without it everything is a guess. A quickie water test from Sears or a water softener company won't be as accurate (and possibly not as competent) as from a certified independent lab.

This is particularly important when it's well water because you have the responsibility of making the water nice AND safe.

Hit the Yellow Pages and call at least three local water treatment pros. Make sure you call at least one of the big dogs like Kinetico or Culligan for comparison and at least a couple independent pros. DON'T TELL THEM YOU HAD YOUR WATER TESTED.

Give each an opportunity to offer suggestions and provide you with a quote to meet your water treatment needs. IGNORE ANY THAT DON'T TEST YOUR WATER THEMSELVES as they can't speak intelligently to water treatment without knowing what needs to be treated.

Ask lots of questions. Softening the entire house or just the water heater (bad idea)? Warranty, parts & labor or just parts, how long and on exactly what? Install, permits required, licensed plumber? Routine maintenance and costs? Do they stock parts? Response time for emergency (water leak) calls? If they don't explain things to your satisfaction that is a good indicator of how you'll be treated after the sale.

After they've gone use your water test to compare with theirs. Are all your treatment needs being addressed?

Ask your neighbors if they have any water treatment experience. They might tell you who's good or who to avoid.

Come back here and post the specific recommendations and hardware components with the costs and we'll give you our opinions.

The secret to a happy water treatment customer is premeditation and the willingness to do the homework. you want to do this right and if you do you'll have decades of reliable service, and quality water, with minimal maintenance.

In real estate it's location, location, location and with water treatment it's DEALER,DEALER, DEALER.

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Great info as always. OP make sure to get a TDS reading on your water. Ours was pretty high, the softener guy called it "spa water", whatever that means.

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