Water pressure regulator question

lgslgsMay 6, 2011

Is it possible for a water pressure regulator to fail in this manner:

1. Regulator continues to correctly control static pressure in the system.

2. When a faucet is turned on, it operates at acceptable pressure/flow for the first few seconds and then drops to a trickle flow as new municipal water replenishes the system.

County water system says the problem is not on their end. They checked the screen in front of the meter and there is no obstruction. Master shut off valve under the house is fully open and appears to work correctly. No leaks in the system.

Current pressure regulator is only 6 months old. When the last one failed it caused high pressure throughout the system - nothing like this current problem.

We are wondering if we got a dud pressure regulator. Would these kinds of symptoms be consistent with a pressure regulator problem.

FYI - Municipal pressure is around 110 - 130 psi. Static pressure is around 60. Dynamic pressure is under 20 psi.

Before we run out to buy another pressure regulator we'd like to know if we are probably going after the most likely source of the problem. Thanks!


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I don't know. But IIRC, the inlet of the Watts I have has a filter screen. If some crud got in there and partially blocked screen I think it might be possible to have full flow for a short bit followed by no or low flow.

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To the OP: Yes, I've had that exact thing happen.

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