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jkom51December 26, 2011

AKA Dinner Inspiration

Sometimes I wonder why I cook at all, except that I do enjoy it (not as a must-do-everyday thing, but more what-do-I-feel-like-cooking-today whimsy). We're serious foodies and eat out at least three or four times a week. But there are always things we like to eat that few places make, or where we prefer our home version to anything else.

Still, this is the San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay side. We've lived here for twenty years (after over twenty years in San Francisco itself) and the number of fine restaurants has exploded. And everywhere we go(we're retired), from Monterey to Mendocino, the cooking has risen to an astonishing level over the last couple of decades.

(Service, however, is another issue...a big one, for us. But I digress, sorry.)

And that's not including take-out. Everyone has their favorite pizza or fried chicken or burrito place, all of which are legion everywhere.

One of our most amazing little take-out places is about three miles down the freeway. The food is lovely - extremely high quality, beautifully prepared. It's way, way above the usual deli food sold by the pound. From the very first it was intended to compete with the best restaurants in Berkeley, but at a lower price by doing take-out only, no seating.

Sometimes, though, I just peruse the menus on-line for inspiration. It's fun, and it finally occurred to me that some of you fellow home chefs might also enjoy checking out their offerings, which change every month.


Here is a link that might be useful: Gregoire's Lunch and Dinner takeout menus

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Funny, I'm sitting here with a cup of soup and what do I find on "your" menu? Butternut squash with potato soup. What am I eating? Yup, butternut squash and fingerling potato soup!

I'm your opposite, I think. I don't care to eat out, not that there are restaurants worth eating in in my very rural area, it's a 100 mile round trip to Grand Rapids. I do like to cook, though, and do it pretty much daily. Plus, I'm picky, so it's good to do my own cooking.

I like to read the menus, though. Isn't that odd? I don't particularly want to eat out, but Ilove to read the menus. LOL Yes, I'm definitely odd, but thanks for that menu!


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