no PRV on irrigation, leak defense?

fenstonMay 7, 2012

I was considering having this leak defense product installed or at least making room for it when I do my other plumbing. I noticed on page 8 of the attached link they don't show a PRV on the irrigation line. My old home's hose bib is after the PRV so just wondering if this makes sense. Wouldn't the irrigation components need protection from the PRV or is that in the sprinkler shut off valves already or something? Water pressure from the city is 110PSI so need to knock this down.

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Not sure I understand your entire issue but......110psi supply is way too high. That does need to be regulated downward at the entry point immediately downstream of the meter. You don't want that level of pressure in ANY of your lines. That's one issue.

Depending on configuration and components in your irrigation system, you'll likely want those lines regulated down further with separate devices. Separate in-line PRV's for this purpose are commonly/cheaply available in irrigation-supply aisle of almost any hardware store. They usually take it down to 15-25psi for the irrigation lines.

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