fabricator question: need help understanding template

ardcpMarch 20, 2014

i went to a fabricator today that has good reviews on angies list. they are right in line price wise with all the others in our area so not cheap. they use laser templating but the owner told me that the template won't follow the curve (bowed spot) in my wall and that the person that tiles the backsplash will have to screte it to level with the counter. i thought the laser template was better because it would make the counter tighter to the wall in the wonky places?
question 2: this place also said that they would put a 31" sink in my 33" sink base and just build a brace in the cabinet since clips won't fit. i think this sounds like something to avoid if possible but of course they are pushing their free sink as the best ever and no big deal that my cab is too small. is this ok? i have grave concerns about the "make it fit" attitude.

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A lot of fabricators don't use the clips and build a brace in the cabinet as a standard practice. If done properly it should be as strong or stronger than the clips since potentially the weight can be supported from stronger areas of the cabinet. The clips do take a lot of space.

What size sink do you *want*? IMO that should drive the decision, not installation considerations (as long as it's feasible)

We are using "sink setter" hardware to install our sink since there isn't enough space for the clips. We're actually installing a 25" sink in a 24" cabinet! Lots of modifications required, but I wanted as large a sink as I could fit in my little kitchen.

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I have a brace. My sink is a blanco super single. 26.5" interior measurement in a 30" base. Nothing had to be done to make it fit. The brace can and was removed temporarily while plumbing was done. The sink did not fall out.

Our template was done with cardboard scribed to fit any wave in the wall. I was told lasers can't do every situation so that is why they use cardboard. We kept the cardboard for a while and used it when DH was putting up trim, hardware, etc. They fit perfectly and protected the counters.

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You should be able to get the counter scribed to fit the curve in the wall. Ask them to template the old fashioned way if they can't do it with the laser, or try to find another installer who can. It is more work for them to scribe to the wall, I guess some installers don't want to do it and count on tile or backsplash covering the gaps.

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I thought the whole point of a template was to scribe to the wall so you can imagine my dismay to hear a supposedly reputable fabricator say otherwise.
Also the thing that bugs me is I am not telling them I have to have a certain size sink. I would rather buy a sink that is recd for my base than modify the base to fit the free sink! Plus I told the fabricator today that I actually want a top mount sink and he basically laughed at me, said it wouldn't save that much and insistented that his free sink would fit with modifications of course. I get that a top mount isn't popular but I found several that will work in my base as is, no modifications and plenty of sink space. I am content with that solution and it bugs me that a fabricator would decide that I don't know what I am doing !

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Go to a different fabricator. Any free sinks I was offered were junk (I got 8 granite estimates).

Laughed at you! I would have turned and walked out, hung up, or otherwise ended the conversation.

Being here on GW you know more than many pros.

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The laser templating will follow the waviest wall out there to within 1/16", however, this is meaningless if your fabricator doesn't have a $250,000.00 water jet to cut these curves. I'm betting this guy is cutting your tops with a bridge saw, which isn't bad, but is straight lines only.

He is right about feathering the wall to flat; tile or paint, it will look much better with the "wonk" removed. It's not his job.

I don't like the brace idea; I've seen too many failures and too much hillbilly. Have them use a Hercules Universal Sink Harness available from Braxton Bragg. It's less than 5 bucks and foolproof.

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debrak2008- glad to know you got quite few quotes too. so far i have been to 4 places. the costs are almost identical and of course everyone's free sink is 16gauge ss as if that is the pinacle of sinks. from what i have read here just saying 16 gauge doesn't mean much
trebruchet- wish we had more people like you and oldryder around here!

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Thanks. I appreciate it, as I'm sure old ryder does too.

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