I can't believe what just happened!

vacuumfreakSeptember 15, 2009

I'm a little shocked about an experience I just had. I live in an apartment complex. My apartment is right across from the the outdoor laundry room. I came home after going to the supermarket... my hands full of grocery bags. My cat Jasper usually greets me at the door with a meow. He did this time too, but there was a lady in the laundry room with some kind of white fluffy yappy dog and when he heard Jasper meow, he darted into my apartment (almost tripping me in the process) before I could get the door closed. Jasper hissed and the dog barked, but the didn't have a chance to scratch or bite each other. I dropped my groceries immediately (broken eggs on the carpet, not a good thing) and shooed the dog out with my foot. Thank heavens no one was hurt (except the eggs), but why would anyone bring their dog to the laundry room (is he going to help fold?) and why in heavens name wouldn't they have it on the leash. While all this was going on, the owner of the dog was still putting clothes in the washer and just calling the name of the dog... she didn't even leave the machine to see what was happening! I should have kept the dog a while and watched to see if she missed it (but Jasper may have killed it... he doesn't even like other cats!).

Good heavens....

I miss you all here, sorry I haven't checked in in a while. Jasper is still just as happy and fat and sweet as always.

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Holy Tank, Jasper is a big boy!

I can understand taking a dog to laundry (or anyplace for that matter)...but yes the dog should have been on leash... thankfully there were no physical injuries.

I could see Jasper inflicting some heavy damage on a small dog. :-)

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Bobby, you should let that lady know that she needs to keep her dog on a leash when outside her apartment - for his own protection.

When I first moved in to my townhome, I had the garage door opened and was doing something in there, when an unleashed neighbor cocker spaniel charged my 6'4" husband INTO our garage! Husband looked down in amusement at this charging fluff ball, and told the neighbor dryly to keep her dog leashed. Which she did from then on. I laugh at it now, but what if there had been a child involved? Sheesh.

Good thing neither the dog nor Jasper was harmed.

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Sorry to hear you all have an adrenaline rush, and glad to hear nobody is hurt. I would suggest you contact management and let them know what happened and suggest they maintain a strict leash law at all times on the property. I would also report the incident to the loca humane socirty. At the very least the woman should replace your eggs and pay for your carpet to get cleaned.

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