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waltdr01May 17, 2014

In 2001 I purchased a PSGOH from Clearwater (Kinetico). They showed Hardness 11, Iron 3., TDS 200, Ph 6.5, no odor, Chlorine-None, Sand-none, water pressure 30/30, 3/4 inch pipe. This is well water. The unit is no longer working and I am being told it would be difficult to find parts as they do not carry the unit anymore...When I bought the unit it was new tech. and they stopped carrying not too long after I bought it.

I have had Hague and Kinetico out. Both gave me 18 in hardness. Kinetico gave me1.5 on Iron and 380 on TDS and no other info. Hague shows Ph 7, Iron 1 (slow) and no other info.

Hague is quoting #5600 1 cu. $1,000. and quoted an Iron filter at $1,000, but no name but also has a Fleck head. Sounds like a tank with materials in it with a Fleck head and says it is $200.00 about every 5 years for them to come out replace the materials. Only cost $300.00 to rebuild the Fleck Softener, if needed. But they have had them out in the field for years.

Of course, Kinetico wants $3595.00 for a S-150 and you get a K5 RO free (?) and I am told that it will take all my iron out. I have been told this many times that a water softener will take out the iron. the PSGOH took out most of the iron, but not all and I never felt the water was soft.

Does the water softener have to work harder when you try to use it as an iron filter? I had the same problem at a previous home. It had a Culligan and it never took out any iron. When I bought a used iron filter, it took out all the iron and the water finally got soft and the water was great then.

I know you say you are married to Hague, Culligan, and Kinetico if you use them, but at this point Hague seems reasonable. I did ask Hague about the 5600 SXT because someone had stated on a forum that the head went bad and you may have to replace the unit every 5-6 years and it sounded like that was the one that was digital, SXT.

I have thought about a whole house water conditioner (which I believe is actually what the Kinetico unit is), and again there are so many out there and a wide range of prices.


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Forgot to mention: The recommended Iron Filter from Kinetico would be a SmartClear Air Induction Filter at a cost of $1700. Also, they say their water system uses no electric. Says it will pay for itself in the savings.

Couldn't get much info from the salesman at Hagues on the Iron Filter. My old one used some kind of Compound that I added every so often, but it was more often than every 5 years. like every month or so. I am thinking this is the same type of iron filter. Having some trust issues with this company.

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