Please Help Suggest a Tub that fits the bill

kswartwoutMay 22, 2013

I am looking to replace a tub in a kids bathroom. It needs to be a 30 x 60 inch tub with a right drain. It will have tile on the walls. I would like it to be $300 or less. I found this one, but I'm confused because it says to not install it as a bathtub alone. Does that mean you have to use the prefab walls you can buy to go with it??? Or is a basic tile tub surround just fine?? Also, given this budget, what material would be most recommended for holding up over time? Is the vikrell okay? Or enamel on steel? Cast iron is too heavy to get up to the bathroom. I would also prefer to not have a non slip surface on the bottom, because that seems hard to clean, is that right?

Thanks for any help. I'm overloaded and don't seem to be getting anywhere by poking around the internet.

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Wait--a few more questions. The tub I have currently is an Americast tub. It isn't holding water perfectly. That is just a problem with my drain, correct? I'm just trying to figure out if I need to replace the tub or if an adjustment to the drain will fix the problem. Also, can AMERICAST BE REFINSIHED? How long would that last?

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