Dogs in the bed

DawnSmithSeptember 30, 2013

Hi. I have 2 Shelties, they sleep with me every night. Periodically, my fiance will stay the night & he doesn't like the dogs in bed; so on the floor they go.
(He is nice about it, he/or I, take them off the bed and they don't jump back on.)

He is nice & attentive to them... not over the top, but normal.

My concerns are: Will my dogs recent my fiance over time? Will they recent me? Is there something I can do so everyone is happy?

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I don't think they will resent him at all. I love animals but think people come first. Do the pups have their own beds? Maybe if they have their own beds and get a treat when they go to their beds or get on their blankies, they will think it's fun. Maybe have the fiance give the treat, string cheese or whatever they love-love-love!

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Great idea socks! We will try that!!

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We have an American Eskimo - and before that mini Dachshunds and a Beagle. Not a chance they would sleep on the floor or on a dog bed - actually they have all hogged the bed. Your pups may be waiting to make their move back to the bed - just give it time!!

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I'm a dog lover who thinks dogs should not be allowed on beds or other furniture. Humans have enough germs without adding dogs in the mix.

If the dogs belonged to you first, and show any signs of resentment, maybe the partner should become the primary dog feeder.

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IMO, they'll respect him more since he's letting them know that they're not to get on the bed unless he invites them. Otherwise, you could end up with them claiming the bed and you as their territory. It's not uncommon for dogs to become aggressive when someone new gets on 'their' bed.

Definitely nothing wrong with the 'off the bed' rule and it's one I use in my house. When my granddaughter sleeps over (in my bed) my dog follows the command and stays off the bed until I say otherwise.

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Lots of praise when they get into their beds too. "What good doggies you are! You are just the best!" Tummy scratch, treat-treat-treat.

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i have a twin bed and 2 great danes. cuddles galore! they let me have a teeny tiny corner of the mattress. i wouldn't have it any other way! :)

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Thanks for all the suggestions and comments! I will give them a whirl!

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I'm with Nina, why not have the boyfriend buy a bigger bed

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To each their own, but man, I would never part with my cuddly heeler-mix on my bed. She gets up and down as she wishes and the cats, too. So cozy!

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Heh...that's my first test of a potential SO. If they can't deal with my dogs on the bed, then they aren't SO material. I won't displace my sweet dogs for anyone. I'll compromise by moving them to the foot of the bed, but that's it.

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Dogs on the bed one night ...

... candidate for your affection the next.

Turn about's fair play, no?

ole joyful

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I love cuddling with my dog on my kids' beds when I'm putting them to sleep. I love cuddling with my wife in our bed. Fortunately my dog seems to know in which beds he's invited and in which bed he's not, because the thought of "getting intimate" with the dog around is only slightly less disturbing to me than doing so with the kids around.

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No way would a dog sleep on my bed, especially between the sheets like some do. Mine just laid beside me on the sofa and left a six inch tape worm. Can you imagine where they tape worm may have ended up if it were in your bed?

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Our peke sleeps in his kennel until the early morning...after he goes out in the morning I put him in our bed and he sleeps with us another few hours since we
usually get up late.

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Cute story:). I woundn't worry about it. You may buy some dog beds and this way they can learn to sleep on them too when needed.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Emma, if dogs are on proper meds, they don't have bugs or worms. Frankly, I would be more concerned about that than anything else.

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My previous dog would come into bed with us in the mornings. She took up so much room because she was a big dog, so my husband said only in the mornings.
After a while, she would start barking at 3:00 in the morning. My husband would get up to look outside and the dog would take his place in bed. She was very smart. After she died at the age of 15, he said no more dogs in bed.

I have another dog now that comes into bed after my husband leaves for work so I get my cuddles. My husband doesn't know though. LOL

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